5 Reasons to use our Services

  • Workplace skin cancer diagnostic specialists.
  • We see employeees on site
  • Best computerised screening equipment
  • Specialist doctors and staff
  • On site clinic means minimal downtime


The project team at the Mobile Skin Cancer Clinic delivers experienced doctors and staff on site to workplaces throughout Australia. All screening and detection of skin cancers is performed by doctors specialising in skin cancer work.

Our computerised screening equipment is the best available. Suspicious moles are examined under high magnification under polarised light. Photos are taken and stored where appropriate, so that a record is kept and can be referred to on subsequent examinations, or back in city specialist clinics. Any specimens taken are sent to specialist dermatopathology laboratories for definitive diagnosis.

Our services cover:

  • Employees seen on site, with all screening and detection of skin cancers performed by doctors specialising in skin cancer.
  • Latest technology using specialised computerised screening equipment.
  • Dedicated management team to facilitate the clinic's appointment schedules, logistics, onsite clinic requirements and assist employees completing our personal history questionnaire in relation to exposure and skin cancer.
  • Patient management and booking system
  • Patient follow up process
  • Provision of an anonymous detailed statistical report, which can be tailored as required and includes conclusions and recommendations.
  • On site education programs and support, including informative handouts

SurgeryPrevention is an important part of our brief and we advise on the best preventative solutions which match individual situations. We also advise on and provide sun protection products if required.

The Mobile Skin Cancer Clinic offers affordable packages to suit your workplace needs. The cost to the corporate sector is kept to a minimum as there are no middle men involved in our operation. You are dealing with the people who do the work onsite and not with an intermediary. We are confident you will find our services amongst the best available at a cost which is unlikely to be matched.