5 Reasons to use our Services

  • Workplace skin cancer diagnostic specialists.
  • We see employeees on site
  • Best computerised screening equipment
  • Specialist doctors and staff
  • On site clinic means minimal downtime


Are you prepared to travel anywhere in Australia?

Distance is no problem but where there are flights involved there will be economy airfares for two people and there may be travelling time charged to the company for remote locations.

Does it matter how many patients there are to see?

No, but we charge a minimum of half a day for areas in the South East of Queensland, and a minimum of one day elsewhere in the country.

How many of our staff can you see in one day?

We can see up to 70 patients a day. All screening and detection of skin cancers is performed by doctors specialising in skin cancer.

Is this service expensive?

The cost to the corporate sector is kept to a minimum as you are dealing directly with the people who perform the work onsite and not with an intermediary. We are confident you will find our service amongst the best available at a cost which is unlikely to be matched.

Upon consultation our quote for the medical onsite team, includes a medical doctor who specialises in skin cancer medicine and surgery who uses the best dermatocscopes and photographic recording equipment, a medical receptionist, patient scheduling and reporting, onsite education and information material, statistical analysis and reports.

What do you need us to do to prepare for your visit?

We usually require two rooms as close together as possible. These should be fully privacy screened. We also require an area close by, preferably within view of the rooms where a table and chair can be set up for the receptionist to check the patients in and out.

Once we know how many patients are to be seen we will send you a blank appointment sheet for you to fill in the names of the patients. We then ask you to make sure they present at the times you have allotted to them.

Is the equipment you use up to date?

Yes, the doctor only uses the best dermatoscopes and photographic equipment. When necessary moles are photographed as part of the patient documentation, this can be important for future comparisons. Copies of all results and photographs are given or sent to the patients privately.

Are all your records treated confidentially?

Patient records are treated with the same confidentiality as in a normal doctor's clinic. Only the patient will have access to their results.

Does our company get any feedback after your visit?

Yes, we provide a full statistical analysis of what we find from all the sites we visit. The type and number of all abnormal lesions found are graphed as well as how your employee population compares with the general Australian population. These results are in confidence to the company and patient's names are not used.